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Notice a reasonably flat graph.And no maximum temp for 1998 in fact if you check every capital city airport temperature for Australia for 1998(the hottest year ever) only Darwin recorded a record maximum.This also explains why this dataset ends around 1993, which ties in roughly with the end date on the original GHCN datasets being worked up.It would be pretty hard to justify all those warming adjustments and few, if any cooling ones.Given the number of individual stations used to estimate the global temperature, the deviations from the true mean of the months calculated from incomplete data, should nullify each other.

The ones who adjust must do it by objective criteria, which have to be tested in advance to make sure that they are robust between different operators, to verify the methodology is sound, and they must adjust without knowing the effect.Give us credit for honesty down here in the Great South Land.A number of commentators have pointed to this quote, which is absent from the top post.Could not someone like Dr David Jones, Head of Climate Change at the BOM, make a definitive statement to clear the air.The place to go looking is on the limbs of the bell curve and Darwin is one of these.Also, I thought that according to, siting problems were what rendered the RAW data unreliable.

The temperature data from 1882 to 1939 shows a gentle decline over that period followed by a sharp decline.Hypothetically speaking, that there is a greater conspiracy of the Illuminati.The GISS and HadCRU and NOAA data sets are an untidy mess of record keeping, including some adjustments that any prudent scientist would have to regard as prima facie evidence of unjustified fiddling.But I also know that if the Team does not provide the answers requested, or even acknowledge the question, this puts the whole issue into limbo.The advocates of anthropomorphic climate change have gotten traction in the media by simplifying the subject so the average person can understand it.The town was razed by cyclone Tracy on Christmas Day in 1974, by which time the population was 42000.

Acknowledgement should preferably be by citing one or more of the papers referenced on the appropriate page.Regardless of desperate attempts by AGW partisans to subvert and suppress it, I think the message is starting to get out to the wider world.Glaciers: Some are retreating, some are growing some are not moving at all, but in general we know that glaciers have been retreating since around 1870, (Before that they we growing due to the huge impact from Krakatau).However, the chemical calculations prove that the reason is the temperature changes of the oceans.The important question is whether or not the processing of data by GISS makes good sense.

This guy Roy Spencer and John Christy seem to be pretty reasonable and reputable people.What could possibly account for the massive warming adjustments made.

That is why I am wearing thin about other people who assert that such-and-such data are the same as such-and-such version 2, but not the same as version 3.You are left with 5 adjustments to explain, 1 downwards, 4 upwards.Since they fail to make a credible case, they always fall back on ad hominem attacks.Like atheists who pray on their deathbed, anyone presenting this data, then leaving the door open to the idea that the central premise may still have merit, is doing nothing but openly undermining their own credibility.The two models of how this happens (individually vs mass computer) do make a difference it seems to me.In order for the Darwin dataset to best represent the entire region any change would need to be amplified to represent the average change across the region, most of which is landlocked, and only a small percentage of which is located close to the coast.

Actually, Butterworth is in Malaysia and has essentially nought to do with the argument.The Oenpelli site had a Stevenson Screen when I first saw it in 1983.Why all this rush to try and convert real RAW data into something totally false and manufactured.I wish the ABC would finally do their job and begin reporting on serious issues like the global warming alarmist fraud which is present and persistent in the scientific community at the moment.This maybe of some interest it is a temperature graph for a small place called Menindee which is in the far west of New South Wales(Australia) and I would think would not suffer from any UHI effect.The first few sites I chose look pretty darn flat as a trend.This link provides some really good on the ground info about the Darwin sites.

I just honored your request and read through all your comments on this thread.He was wrong to do that, particularly given that the claims are in fact accusations of impropriety.The data produced shows a mean maximum temperature flatlining at approc 33.7 degrees C.

I cannot see why you would apply a function of this shape at all.To think that 100 years of sketchy temperature station data is going to lead to an accurate composite prediction of future climate and temperatures within fractions of a degree is pure foolishness.

That seems a rather easy way to check if the Darwin craziness appears in many other cases or not.This outline itself suggests that Revelation is organized basically in chronological order, an.

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